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Engineered Pumping & Pressure Washing Systems

A PSC Engineered Cleaning System can be built to meet specific design requirements for virtually any low, medium or high-pressure washing or pumping application. Our commitment to design excellence and quality manufacture, supported by qualified and responsive personnel, ensures superior system performance and reliability.

Standard Equipment

  • PSC DESIGNS INCLUDE: Electrically heated aircraft de-icing system for use on regional aircraft
  • Air-driven and electric-driven pumping packages for high-pressure water injection and drill bit cooling in underground mining applications
  • Integrated, variable volume pumping systems for use with water soluble cutting oil on CNC machines
  • Automated tote and mixing tank cleaning/sanitizing systems used in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • High volume, high pressure pumping systems for egg carton extrusion press cleaning
  • Variable volume pumping systems utilizing hot and cold de-ionized water for automated printed circuit board cleaning
  • High-pressure systems for cleaning with heavy water in nuclear reactors
  • Electrically heated systems for high-pressure cleaning with vegetable oils in food-grade applications SYSTEM DESIGNS/SERVICES: Full selection of industrial-duty positive displacement piston/plunger pumps
  • Graded/Certified/Registered pressure boundary material (C.R.N., A.S.M.E.)
  • Calibrated/Certified/Registered pressure and flow control components (C.R.N., A.S.M.E.)
  • Safety, operational and limit testing with certified data/reports (i.e. hydrostatic, sound power, load/stress, NDE/NDT)
  • Food-grade and lab-grade designs
  • PLC control with performance/event data logging (stand-alone and remote monitoring)